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FARE CINEMA 2021 – “REBOOT / THE NEW EMBRACE OF CINEMA: From resilience to restart: videos, interviews, meetings”

In the framework of the Fourth Edition of “Fare Cinema”, titled this year “Reboot – Italian cinema restarts”:

The word goes to the protagonists of the Italian film industry, in a series of short clips and online meetings. In collaboration with the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, curated by Mario Sesti, Reboot presents a photograph of the state of the art of cinema and its professions today in Italy, through a selection of video interviews (subtitled in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) to Pierfrancesco Favino, Mirko Perri, Daniele Ciprì, Fabio Lovino, Pietro Valsecchi, Massimo Cantini Parrini, Anna Foglietta, Maricetta Lombardo, Daniele Luchetti and Nicola Guaglianone. The two videos of The new embrace of cinema take us instead back to the difficult time we have experienced in recent months and to the challenges posed to the world of cinema by the pandemic, through the testimonies of authors, producers and actors such as Francesca Cima, Sergio Castellitto, Paola Cortellesi , Liliana Cavani, Cristina Donadio, Claudio Giovannesi, Edoardo Leo, Riccardo Milani, Sara Serraiocco, Pietro Valsecchi and Carlo Verdone. Thanks to the collaboration of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma and together with the Italian Cultural Institutes of the Farnesina, some meetings that have taken place online in recent weeks will also be broadcast: conversations in which Italian professionals have talked with public figures from the local world of cinema and culture, pinpointed in each country by the Institute of reference.

The videos Reboot and The new embrace of cinema as well as the meetings will be available on

The meetings:

IIC Hamburg: Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo (directors) and Carlo Chatrian (Director of the Berlin Film Festival)
IIC Athens: Adele Tulli (director) and Alessandro Siliotopoulos (director)
IIC Dakar: Nicoletta Taranta (costume designer) and Omou Sy (costume designer, stylist)
IIC Ljubljana: Paola Mammini (screenwriter) and Branko Završan (actor)
IIC San Paolo: Leonardo Fasoli (screenwriter) and Flavia Guerra (journalist)
IIC Toronto: Saverio Costanzo (director) and Jerry Ciccoritti (director)

(Each meeting has subtitles in the local language)

  • Organized by: MAECI
  • In collaboration with: Fondazione Cinema per Roma