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Launch of the three-year project in collaboration with the Italian-Lebanese archaeological mission MeSAP (Maasser el Shouf Archaeological Project).

The project aims at the creation of interactive maps that can guide the visitor through an emotional journey in the cultural and environmental sites of the High Shouf. These maps would allow him to live the unique experience of visiting a part of the country, having as an exceptional guide a choir of local voices capable of sharing emotions, sensations and memories.

The goal is to investigate the cultural memory of the inhabitants of the mountains, using Maasser el-Shouf as a case study. The starting point is the narration of the relationship between the village community and the Italian archaeological team, which has perfectly integrated into that context. Among the questions to the inhabitants of Maasser, for example, is how and if the perception of the local cultural heritage has changed consequently to the activity of the Italian mission and how our presence was perceived by the villagers, volunteers and workers, etc. who collaborated with the mission during the archaeological campaigns. It will be possible to follow the birth and evolution of the relationship between the community and the team at work by making a direct use of the very voice of the inhabitants of Maasser, through interviews, photographs and video footage.

  • Organized by: IIC Beirut - MeSAP