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Learn Italian


Learn Italian

Every year half a million students attend Italian language courses outside Italy, in every country throughout the world.


Italian is a language of culture: speaking Italian means having access not only to an extremely valuable literary heritage, essential to the history of Europe and to extremely precious humanistic and scientific texts, but also to Italian theatre, music, opera, cinema and television.

Italian is a language of study: every year a number of students decide to attend our schools, universities, academies and libraries.

Italian is a language of work: managers, investors, technicians, artisans and workers get in touch with Italy’s word of industry, craft and services, which crosses the borders of our country.

Speaking Italian will turn a visit to our country and its friendly and hospitable people, its artistic cities and its beautiful nature into a real pleasure.

Teaching Italian Language in Lebanon: creativity and cultural interaction.

The Pilot Project for teaching Italian as a second foreign language in the Lebanese public schools and high schools was launched in 2001, following the signature of a cooperation and cultural exchange agreement between Lebanon and Italy. In fact, in the 2016-2017 academic year, the Fakhr el Dine public high school took part in a competition on Pirandello, the great Italian playwright. Pirandello won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934 for his re-launch of dramatic and theatrical art.
The third year’s students of the secondary cycle, majoring in socio-economic and life sciences, wrote a screenplay named "The life permit"- under the guidance and support of Professor Mona Rizk - inspired by one of Pirandello’s novels. The activity was also supported by Dr. Caterina Carlini, an Italian lecturer at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Languages and Translation Center of New Rawda. Dr Carlini has also non-academic assignments at the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut.
The Fakhr El Dine high school ranked third among 84 schools participating worldwide!
The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation have invited the winning Lebanese students and their teacher in Italy to present their paly during the award ceremony held last June in Agrigento.
The Italian Cultural Institute in Lebanon congratulates the Administration of Fakhr el Dine High School and its teachers, namely professor Mona Rizk and her students, for the achievement and hopes that its collaboration with the Center for Research and Pedagogical Development and the Lebanese public schools will continue as a model of cultural interaction between the two countries.