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Livello 4


Livello 4
At the end of the C1 level (composed of C1.1 + C1.2 + C1.3) - three trimesters, duration 132 hours - the student will have reached the level called “Proficiency” of the Common European Framework for Language Reference.
The completion of the C1 level prepares the student to present for the CILS Three C1 Certification of the University for Foreigners of Siena. 

    C1.1 At the end of this first part of the level – one trimester, duration 44 hours - the student will be able to communicate clearly and to produce a fluid and linear speech. He will indeed know how to use speech connectors and will benefit of this profound knowledge to highlight the progression of his thought. He knows how to develop his arguments and can emphasize the main points of a discussion while choosing elements of support. He understands a vast range of complex and long texts and can recognize its implicit significance. 
    C1.2 At the end of this level – one trimester, duration 44 hours - the student will have a vast range of linguistic instruments that will allow him to express himself with agility and casualness, nearly without efforts. He can use the language with flexibility and efficiency for different purposes: social, professional and academic. 
    C1.3 The speech capacities achieved in the previous level are perfected and at the end of this level - one trimester, duration 44 hours - the student can produce a clear and well-structured speech, demonstrating a controlled use of the connectors’ organization diagrams as well as of the other mechanisms of organization, both at the oral and written level.
He can produce clear, well-constructed and detailed texts on complex arguments, demonstrating a sure control of the text structure, even in some specific speeches.