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Italian language courses


Italian language courses

The Italian Cultural Institute offers Italian Language and Culture courses at different levels (from A1 to C1) according to The Common European Frame of Reference for Languages.

Courses are organized in three regular sessions: Fall session (October - December), Winter session (January - March) and Spring session (April - June). A forth Summer session of one or two months is also offered. students can choose to register to morning, afternoon or evening courses.   

Extensive language courses: 4 hours weekly

Intensive language courses
: 12 hours weekly. Courses start in September and finish in May. Advised for students who plan to continue their university studies in Italy.

Italian for children:
 2 hours weekly

Conversation and culture courses:
2 hours weekly, for those who want to keep their contact with the Italian language after completing the C1 level.

Grammar courses:
  2 hours weekly, for the students who have completed the A2 and B1 levels and still need to study in depth the Italian grammar.

Sectorial languages:
 2 hours weekly (at least A1 level Italian language knowledge is required to register to this course)

For further details consult the Calendar .