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Revolution project | "The Carnival of Masks" artist residence in Beirut



Revolution project |

The Italian Cultural Institute and the Institut d'Études Scéniques, Audiovisuelles et Cinématographiques (IESAV) of the Université Saint Joseph in Beirut organize an artist residency in the framework of the R-evolution Project. The residency will end with a stage play titled "The Carnival of Masks", a first study/work in progress written by Bruna Bonanno, directed by Felipe Ipar, with Tiago Filipe and Matthieu Pastore).

The carnival of masks is a fairy tale that celebrates the complexity of the relationships between different identities: through playing, two storytellers tell fantastic stories of men and women.

A party, a carnival, a meeting between four artists from different parts of the world: the theater as a mirror of society.

The first study, consisting of the first pages of the fairy tale, is presented in English, French, Italian and Spanish at the Beryte Theater of the IESAV on Wednesday, June 29th at 5 pm.

R-evolution Project (aka r-ev) was created to support the creative processes of a new generation of performative artists, promoting cultural exchanges and exposing participants to creative stimuli generated by the interaction and the cultural contaminations between different cultural and geographical areas.

R-ev includes a series of residencies, meetings and roaming comparisons for young creatives under 35 from Europe, Asia and Latin America (7 countries: Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Portugal, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay). An international experience to develop an original creation, the result of the cooperation and the exchange between different cultures and poetics.

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Date: Da Friday, June 24, 2022 a Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Organized by : IIC Beirut

In collaboration with : IESAV-USJ

Entrance : Free


IESAV - USJ (Beirut)