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XXa S.L.I.M. - "History of Italian comics and digital techniques" - Pill nº 1



XXa S.L.I.M. -

All through the XXth Week of the Italian Language in the World, dedicated to “Italian between word and image: graffiti, illustrations, comics”, the Department of Italian Studies at the Language and Translation Center of the Lebanese University has chosen to dedicate part of its activities to the discovery of Italian comics authors and to the creative comic writing, thus launching a competition in collaboration and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Beirut.

We are now pleased to present some of the video projects carried out by the Master’s students during the 1st academic semester. We will propose, on a weekly basis, short journeys through the history of Italian comics and some of the most famous comic series.

We begin today with the presentation of Habib Bou Doumit, a 2nd year student of the Master in Intercultural Communication - Italian-Lebanese Studies at the Language and Translation Center of the Lebanese University. Habib has carried out a nice overview of the history of comics, its technical language and a useful tutorial for creating digital comics.



Date: Da Monday, February 01, 2021 a Saturday, May 15, 2021

Organized by : IIC - Università Libanese

Entrance : Free