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ESTATE ALL'ITALIANA | INDA 2020 - Review "Per voci sole" - "Crisòtemi" with Isabella Ragonese and Teho Teadro




Saturday, August 22, 2020 - 8.30 pm (Italian time)
Greek Theater of Syracuse


by Ghiannis Ritsos
translation by Nicola Crocetti
with Isabella Ragonese
live music by Teho Teardo
with Giovanna Famulari and Laura Bisceglia on the cello
directed by Fabrizio Arcuri

On August 22, in the cavea of the Greek Theater of Syracuse, Isabella Ragonese will be “Crisòtemi” by Ghiannis Ritsos.
It was written shortly after “Ajax”, at the peak of the captivity and the anguish of a people, the Greek one, and of a poet, Ghiannis Ritsos, when all of them felt bitten and tortured by the outcome of the military coup led by the Greek colonels (1967). This Crisòtemi follows in the footsteps of the character created by Sophocles in "Electra", two thousand four hundred years earlier. In the Greek tragedy, from which Ritsos drew his inspiration, Crisòtemi is conceived as a sort of theatrical character aimed at shadow and used to highlight the strength of her heroic sister, Electra, the true engine of Oreste's matricide.

Ragonese's voice will dialogue with the live music of Teho Teardo, with Giovanna Famulari and Laura Bisceglia on the cello, and the direction of Fabrizio Arcuri.

The show is available free of charge in streaming and on demand for seven days, upon registration, on



Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020

Time: From 8:30 pm To 10:30 pm

Organized by : INDA

Entrance : Free